West Barre United Methodist Church
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5377 Eagle Harbor Road
Albion, NY 14411

(585) 589 - 5388
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Sunday Service 9:00 AM
Afterwards, Please stay for Coffee Hour
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Our History

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Mildred Anne Paine


Church History

1831 The West Barre Charge was founded as a part of the old Ridgeway Circuit on the Buffalo District.
1848 The West Barre Charge became a part of the Millville Circuit.
1852 West Barre became a charge and had a regular resident pastor.
1856 West Barre and East Shelby were made a charge
1861 West Barre was a part of a larger circuit, including Alabama, Flusher, Millville, and West Shelby. Under this plan there were two junior preachers and a senior on the circuit.
Was the first two years of Allen Steele's pastorate, when West Barre was a station.
1908 West Barre joined the new Central District in April. Up to this it had always been included in the Niagara District.
1995 July 1st, Pastor Jack D. Richardson leads our Ministry

windowThe West Barre UMC is now 175 years old, and the present plan seems to have been the best. It has the approval of many proven years of harmonious and successful work. It would doubtless be a serious thing to interrupt this tested scheme with another plan of work. In many of the years the circuit work extended to the schoolhouses, which were within the circuit. In earlier times, services were held in the Stone schoolhouse, the Brick schoolhouse, and the Pine Hill schoolhouse, while in the memory of many, such meetings as those held in North Oakfield under Daniel Clark are still cherished because of the mighty working of God among his people. May the charge always be ready and watching for these golden opportunities of carrying the good tidings of great joy to every neighborhood within its borders.

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