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Church Wedding Policy

This policy shall apply to all persons getting married in the West Barre United Methodist Church.

 A.  Scheduling - Use of the Church facilities for a wedding must be cleared with the Pastor and should be arranged at least two months in advance of the wedding date to assure its availability.  Sooner if possible. Scheduling is done on a first come, first served basis.

 B.  It is expected that the Minister of the West Barre United Methodist Church will officiate at all     weddings held in our church.  If, however; you wish to have another Minister officiate or co-     officiate, that Minister must be invited to do so by the Minister of the West Barre United Methodist Church.

 C.  Pre-marital counseling requirements and Ministerial fees depend on the policy of the current Minister of the West Barre United Methodist Church.

 D. It is expected that all members of the wedding party will be present for a rehearsal, to be scheduled at the convenience of the Bride, Groom, and Minister.  This rehearsal will take at least one hour.  Parents, soloists, ushers, bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc. should all be present.

 E. Payment of Fees - all Church fees are to be paid at least one week  prior to the wedding rehearsal.

 F.  Flowers - flowers to be used in the wedding ceremony must be arranged for by the Bride and Groom.  The church is not responsible for flowers.  If the family wishes to leave flowers for the Sunday worship service, arrangements should be made well in advance.

 G.   Photography -  We are entirely in sympathy with the desire of families and friends of couples being married to preserve this happy event in snapshots and photographs.  However, we are anxious that picture taking should not destroy the solemnity and sacredness of the wedding ceremony. Therefore, we request that no pictures be taken during the actual ceremony (except with cameras not requiring flash attachments, used inconspicuously from the rear of the sanctuary) after the bride arrives at the front or before the benediction is given.  The Minister and wedding party can re-enact any part of the ceremony for purposes of picture taking after the ceremony is over.  Video taping of the ceremony is permitted only after consultation with the Minister.

 H.  No rice or confetti shall be used or thrown in the church building.  Please plan to have pictures taken before the Bride and Groom go outside, so that rice and confetti is not brought back inside of the building.

 I.  Aisle Runner - The church does not normally provide an Aisle Runner for weddings.  This can be  arranged for through your local Florist.

 J. Candles and Candelabras -  Use of the altar candles is included in the church use fees. Candles for the Candelabras must be provided for by the Bride and Groom.  Candelabras may often be rented through your Florist.

 K. Unity Candle Ensemble -  The Unity Candle has become a popular ingredient of many weddings. It is the responsibility of the Bride and Groom to provide their own Unity Candle. 

 L. Couples wishing to use flowers and other decorations in the Sanctuary may do so in consultation with the Minister.  No nails or screws will be driven into walls, floors, or furnishings.  Bows may be attached to the seats to indicate reserve seating, we prefer that they be wired in place with florist  wire.

 M.   It is expected that the Church Organist will play for weddings within our Sanctuary.  However, experienced organists may be invited by the couple to play for the wedding only after consultation with the Minister.

 N.  Because a wedding ceremony is a worship service, all music used must be appropriate to Christian worship.  The Church Organist and Minister can offer suitable suggestions for all the music of the  wedding, including processional and recessional music.

O.  You may use a Soloist as part of your wedding ceremony if you wish.  If you do so, that person must consult with the wedding Organist for rehearsals and music.  The church may be able to provide you with the name of a Soloist if you wish.  In all cases, the final decision regarding music must be made in consultation with the Minister.  Every attempt will be made to provide music suitable to the Bride and Groom.

P.  Alcohol/Drug Use - As United Methodists, we firmly believe that the abuse of alcohol and illegal drugs are serious problems in our society.  We as a denomination advocate abstinence from the use of these products.  Therefore, we must insist that your entire wedding party refrain from the use of alcohol and/or illegal drugs while on the church premises.  If alcohol or illegal drug use is detected, it will be considered as grounds for an immediate refusal on the part of our Pastor to perform either the rehearsal or the wedding itself.

Q.  Tobacco – There is no smoking or use of chewing tobacco allowed in the church or on the church grounds.

R.  A current Church Use Fee schedule will be provided to by the Minister.  Checks for the appropriate fees should be made out to the individuals involved.  The Minister can provide you with these names.

S.  Please!  No food or beverages in the Sanctuary.  Young children are NOT to be in the Balcony without adult supervision.


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Your signature on this form indicates that you have been provided with a copy of this Wedding Policies and appropriate fee schedule, and that you agree to abide by said Policies.


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                       Bride                                                          Groom


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 Adopted by the Administrative Council: 8/1/2011