Trustees Response to Corona Virus

To the Congregation of the West Barre United Methodist Church

With a heavy heart and after consultation with all of the church trustees and Rev Brad, I am informing you that we will be postponing all church functions for the next two weeks. After 2 weeks we will see what direction this Covid -19 virus is taking us. Right now are very trying and uncertain times for all of us. It reminds me of the time after 9/11. But we will walk through this storm with God’s help as we did then. Remember we need GOD, NOT Covid-19 virus in our lives.

Rev Brad is working on getting his worship and sermon on a video or an audio for us. Will give you an update where and when is it available. Don’t forget to keep reading you chapters of Mathew!

So as of 3/21/2020 West Barre United Methodist Churchbuilding is closed for any group gathering until further notice.

I went to The Upper New York Conference website to see what they had to say. This is what I found.

“Jesus Christ calls us to love our neighbors as ourselves (Mark 12:31 ). What does this look like during a possible pandemic? It means taking care of ourselves so that we don’t become ill. It means limiting our contact with others and following public health protocols if we do become ill. It means taking different precaution in our worship services and our ministries in order to protect one another. It means reaching out to our vulnerable members to see if they need help.  It means not hoarding supplies that are for medical professionals to properly care for the sick people. It means not spreading rumors, engaging in scapegoating, or discriminating against others because  we are afraid and looking for someone to blame. It means following guidelines put forth by medical public health officials when they are issued.”

Everyone keep in touch and if anyone needs help, PLEASE contact one of the trustees or Rev Brad. (1-315-525-6859 ) We will get through this!


Chairman of the trustees



Bob Collins

Cell 585-451-321