Re-opening West Barre United Methodist Church- Covid 19


Although we have had a beautiful day each time we gather together to worship, fall is approaching.  As the days grow shorter, the more likely we will need to move indoors for our worship services.

We are happy to say, we can worship in-house at any time.

Our pews are 6 1/2 ft. long per section.  You will find laminated signs on alternating pews.  If your family/group use more than one section, please adjust the sign.  Hence the reason for placing signs on the seats vs. taping.

Please respect the social distancing guidelines.

Masks are required upon entering and leaving.  Once seated, the masks may be removed.

We ask everyone to use the Hand Sanitizer (available at each entrance) and/or wash their hands frequently.

Unfortunately, this virus will be with us fr the foreseeable future.  Please follow the guidelines and understand, we (WBUMC) must follow the guidelines of the CDC, NYS and the Upper New York Conference. 

Rest assured, our church is cleaned appropriately and we are all looking out for each other’s well being.  

And pray.  God hears our prayers.

For questions or concerns; please speak with Vicky or Lanor.  Pastor Brad will also be available to speak with. 

Interesting facts re. Covid-19

  • Covid-19 is a coronavirus, the common cause of the common cold and other upper respiratory infections.
  • Covid-19 is short for Coronavirus disease 2019, named by the World Health Organization.
  • This virus like to live on hard surfaces, it dies quickly on porous surfaces.  It is important to note the live virus decreases over time, the risk of infection lessens within a few hours to days.  Ie; if an infected person coughs and the droplets land on surfaces; table, chair etc, it starts dying pretty quickly.

How long does the virus live on surfaces?

Cardboard/paper- 24 hours

Plastic, stainless steel- 3 days

Glass- 5 days

Wood- 4 days

Copper- 4 hours

Fabric- 24 hours

At most, the virus may live 5 days, but it’s efficacy is very decreased. We do encourage everyone to be vigilant and practice the guidelines set before us. Stay healthy and protect each other! We hold one worship service a week. According to all the guidelines, the normal cleaning practices are sufficient. Cleaning products are the normal products we use every day. Please see CDC website for verification.