June letter from Pastor Jim


Once again, in the past weeks, our country has been torn with violence. Whether it is the shooting at the Tops market in Buffalo, or the elementary school shooting in Texas, innocent lives are being taken. And over and over on the news, we hear people say: “Something has to be done.” But what needs to be done? We don’t seem to agree on what needs to be done, or how to do it, and we (at least I) find myself in an emotional state somewhere between frustration and helplessness and despair, or a combination of the three.

The only thing that leaves me in a better place than “something must be done,” is to ask myself “What can I do?” How can I make things better?” And I cannot help but believe that the violence does not begin with the action itself, but in the mind and spirit of the actor who is influenced by thoughts, words, and deeds of others influencing him. Hearts and spirits must be influenced — by the Spirit of God — if behavior is going to change. And I can be part of that influence for good. Even if it’s only one person at a time. I can show people and tell people about a different life, a different way of living than revenge and hatred. We can do something about it. We can be part of the solution to the problem by being salt and light in someone’s life.

I pray that we ask God for the opportunities to make a difference in someone’s life, and that we go a step further and act on those unique opportunities. We are His hands, we are His feet, we are His voice.

Pastor Jim