From the Pastor’s Heart

Spring is finally drawing near. The days are getting longer. Light is overcoming
the darkness. The brown is tuning to green. The land is getting a good drink
before planting. To me, it is as if all of nature is celebrating the resurrection of
our Lord with new-found life.
Grandma always had one sure sign of spring. On the way to the house from the
bam, there was a little garden on the left side of the path, next to the stairs. As
the snow was finally melted – or maybe just before the last snow had finally
melted, she would announce the first sign of spring joyfully. “Oh look! Look! The
little crow- cusses! “I’m not sure if she thought that was the way “crocus” was
pronounced, or if that was just a little joke she liked to make, but she was always
completely delighted when they finally poked up from the ground.
I have another very lasting memory of spring from my mother; Mom was a mom
that was a worrier of sorts. She loved God. She was a woman of faith, but she
never did quite get over worrying. Not always about the same thing, but it
seemed always about something. Maybe it was kind of the way she cared. Mom
was always delighted when the birds came back in spring; especially the robins.
The robins had a special significance for her. Whenever she would see a robin,
no matter what she was concerned about that day, she would say “Oh look,
there’s a robin. Everything’s going to be ok. ”
We are facing a time of concern in our church. It makes us uncomfortable. It
makes me uncomfortable. But in this springtime of new life, I looked out the
window this morning, and I saw one of mom’s robins. And I said: “By God’s grace,
everything will be ok.” Believe it or not, the day after mom passed to her
heavenly home, an entire flock of robins landed on my front yard. It was if mom
was sending me a message: “Everything is going to be ok”.
Jesus said it better than a whole flock of robins. “My peace leave with you; my
peace I give to you. I do not give you peace as the world gives. Do not let your
heart be troubled, and do not be afraid.”
Don’t be anxious my family of faith, Jesus holds us in the palm of His hand. We
dwell under the shadow of the Father’s wings. Everything will be ok.
Loving you with the love of the Lord,

Pastor Jim and Kim