What Can Someone Find at West Barre UMC?

What Can Someone find at West Barre UMC?

Let’s think this month on some of the things that make our church a wonderful place of worship, to grow together with God. First, we have our wonderful people. People who care. “Give the shirt off their backs” kind of people, if anyone is in need. Praying people. People who bring their requests to the congregation every week that we may pray together about each one, and who do that, knowing that people really will pray. Nice people. Approachable friendly people. Welcoming people. Generous people. People who are concerned about the needs of others, and who give sacrificially give that those needs might be met. Not people who say “something must be done”, but people who say “what can we do?” Organized people who work together. People who can put on a nine hundred halves of chicken barbeque kind of people. People who mow the lawn every week by taking turns. Lots and lots of lawn.

A place where people can hear the word of God preached. A place where people believe the word of God is true, and will guide their lives and keep them free. A place where the foundational truths of the faith are embraced in faith. It’s a place where the pastor loves you. Where he does his best to live out his faith in front of you. It’s a place where the pastor really believes everything, he’s telling you; not where you have to wonder if he believes it. It’s a place where you can watch the service at home every week if you can’t physically attend the church that week. It’s a church where a newsletter comes out each month for you to enjoy and stay informed.

A place where you can still go and sing the great hymns of faith with an outstanding organist playing them, with the melodies ringing to the rafters. That’s not a rural church that’s easy to find any more. Nothing wrong with choruses; but if you love the hymns. The words of the hymns, the melodies of the hymns that have touched people’s hearts for generations, you can sing those hymns here. And if you love singing in a choir, we are one of the few churches who still have a choir. You can sing in a choir here.

A place where you may have Christian fellowship. A weekly ladies Bible study. A monthly men’s group. An adult Sunday school class after church service each Sunday. A time of fellowship and refreshment after church to get to know, and visit together, and build relationships. A church that celebrates anniversaries, and birthdays, and graduations, and new members and the accomplishments and achievements of everyone together.

A place that has a Christian education program for your children. A place where they can be taught the Bible at their level, and learn together in a group. A place where they can learn Christian character. A place with dedicated Christian teachers.

Of course, I’ve missed some things. But these are a lot of great things here. When we think about it, we have a really special, great church!