Adult Education

Adult Bible Study

Will meet after church service each week.  There will be group discussion focusing on the objectives of the sermon, its relation to scripture and how the sermon is relevant to our lives.  This group will be lead by Hugh Dudley.


Men’s Group 

A variety of spiritually uplifting and character-building activities including Bible Studies, community service, fellowship, discussions, and church service.
This group will be led by Jim Peglow.


Women’s Bible Study

This group meets on Mondays at 6:30 pm via Zoom and in-person.  Group discussion includes a daily devotional book of readings.  The fall group will be reading 100 Days of Believing Bigger, a Devotional Journal.  Led by Kim Heiler.  The books will be provided or participants may order themselves. We will begin reading on September 14 with first meeting to take place on September 20.  In person meeting will be held in the Chapel in West Barre UMC.  To participate via Zoom, please contact Kim at (716) 445-9492 .