December 2021

The church this year has voted to make Heifer International the Christ Child gift this year. There are 3 components to the gift. Joy to the World, Hope Basket and Milk Menagerie. The total of all three are 13 large animals and chickens and rabbits. The total cost for all three packages is $2550. The mission committee has such confidence in the generosity of God’s people that we have decided to give to Hands of Hope in Albion, anything over the $2550 need for Heifer International. So as I write this, Tuesday, November 30th is one day away and it has been named “Giving Tuesday”. So my friends, look in your hearts this Christmas time and ask God for guidance in your giving. Let’s see if we can give both projects a helping hand this year! Please make sure to mark on your checks that it is for the mission project. If you are sending through the mail, the address is:

West Barre United Methodist Church

5388 Eagle Harbor Rd.

Albion, NY 14411

Merry Christmas and God Bless!

June 2021 Missions:

Food Pantry:  Baby needs (or item of your choice).  Please place in bins either by the coat rack in the Chapel or at the top of ramp.

Shopping Cart Mission:  Personal care items (soap, shampoo, toothpaste etc.) for the Homeless.

Monthly Mission:  Church World Service Blanket and Tool Drive.  https://cwsglobal.org/



My Birthday Gift for Jesus





Hi everyone!  Here is an update from missions.

In May we collected money for the South Sudan Health Project.  Very generous offering of $2875 was the total.  This will help immensely with the salaries of the home health aids  and their administrator.  Can you imagine living on $100 a month?  The suitcase of medicine that has been collected hopefully will be going soon also, as soon as they can travel to South Sudan.  They are also missing their families, I know I would be.  If at anytime you feel led by the Lord to sponsor a home health aid we can help you with that.  Our prayers go out to them during this trying time, they are not only dealing with diseases we don’t even think about, like malaria, but now they have the covid19 to worry about.
Last month we collected for CWS Blanket fund, CWS stands for Church World Service, they are a world wide organization and blankets and tools are only two of their programs. We supplied $630 for their blanket program in June and they will put it to good use.
For the month of July we are collecting for their tool program.  The tools program goes from a tool box filled with tools to a complete house in Haiti for only $4000, that’s right it is not a typo $4000 for a complete house.  They have wells dug for clean water for 20 homes or put a roof on a house for $913.  Our donation will be put to good use again, every little bit helps.
Other on going projects are the food pantry that we donated a whole cart full of cereal and a few other items last month plus a check for $300.  There is a video on the website where you can see the delivery of the items and the check.
We also are still collecting coupons for the service people, thanks Ruth Miller for taking care of those.  Coupons can be expired up to 2 months and you can put them in the food pantry box or the box in the chapel.
We are a blessed people and we should share with those less fortunate.  Our biggest blessing is our Lord and Savior Jesus.  CWS has 2Corinthians 8:2 on their literature which is “They are also filled with abundant joy, which has overflowed in rich generosity”  Please pray about your donations, the Lord will guide you if you will listen.
Thanks for all your past support of the missions of the church and thanks in advance for your future gifts.
Have a blessed day🙌🙌🙌
Joy Markle ,Mission chair