West Barre UMC Bulletin June 13, 2021

Worship Instructions 

We are now continually worshipping inside! Please wear a face mask covering your mouth and nose when moving around the church. When you are seated, you may remove the face mask.  This is the same procedure as schools and restaurants.

Singing can cause the spread of the virus more than speaking.  12 ft. is the safe distance for singing.  During the hymns you may listen, hum, use the face mask, or sing softly.  This worship is being broadcast to the parking lot where it can be listened to on the vehicle’s FM radio, 107.5.   It is also live on Facebook and later on the West Barre UMC channel of YouTube. 

To contact Rev. Heiler: 716-523-7542 or jheiler0409@gmail.com Pastor Jim is available at 8 am on Sunday mornings, and Wednesday’s from 12:30-6:30 pm, for anyone who might like to meet/talk with him.

Assisting in Worship:

Greeters/Ushers:  Vicky Housenecht & Cheryl Maxon

Liturgist:  Karen Markle

Altar Flowers:


Today following church: Reception for Pastor Jim & Karen

Monday: 6:30 pm Women’s Bible Study by zoom

Tuesday: 7:00 pm Choir


Looking ahead:

June 20: 8:45 am Outdoor Services in the Park begin

June 21: 6:30 pm Women’s Bible Study by zoom

June 22: 7:00 pm Choir

June 23: 6:30 pm Worship Committee

Food Pantry:  Pork-n-beans (or item of your choice.  Bins are located either by the coat rack in the Chapel or at the top of the ramp.

Shopping Cart:  Personal care items (soap, shampoo, toothpaste etc.) for the homeless

Monthly Mission:  Church World Service Blankets & Tools

Happy Birthday!

18 ~ Karen Markle

Happy Anniversary!

13 ~ Roger & Jill Chandler

Anyone who would like their birthday or anniversary put in the bulletin, if it’s not already on the list, please make out a card and either put it in the offering plate or give it to Sherrill Hickman or Lee Preston.


Anyone who would like to place flowers on the altar, or sponsor flowers are asked to let Naomi

(590-4380) or Lanor (208-1965) know.

The lawn mowing signup sheet is on the bulletin board.  Please signup to help.

Please consider spending a bit of time in the near future pulling weeds, cutting back overgrowth, etc.  Add birdhouses, butterfly homes, etc. and add to the uniqueness of our garden.  Remember; one is the nearest to God on their knees in the garden!

Copies of this month’s newsletter are on the back rack in the Sanctuary.

Copies of the Bridge Newsletter from the Conference are on the back rack in the Sanctuary and on

the table by the door in the Chapel, along with the Advocate and the One Hope for Asia newsletter.

Manufactures coupons for our Military overseas may be up to two months expired. You may send

the coupons directly to:  Support Our Troops, Troopons, Box 70, Daytona Beach, FL 32115

If you know of someone who would like to receive the weekend news, please let Lee Preston know by email.

The American Legion is looking for any WW2 veterans remaining.  They would like to honor them at their belated 100th birthday celebration on August 14th. Please contact Gary Befus at 585-747-5106

West Barre UMC




Prayer Flags in front of West Barre UMC

Prayer Flags in front of West Barre UMC



Picture of past congregation shared by Ruth Miller.