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Sunday April 5 Palm and Passion Sunday

This coming Sunday is Palm and Passion Sunday. This year we will miss the palms.
The scripture for the first part of the service is from Matthew 21:1-11, where Jesus rides the two
donkeys into Jerusalem.
The second scripture is the “Passion Narrative” from the Gospel according to Matthew.
This part of the story begins with Matthew 26:1, and continues through Matthew 27:49.
This is a long reading, but it is one that we need to hear at least
once a year.


The reading of the Matthew Schedule:

Feb 26-29  Chapters 1-4
March 1-7 Chapters 5-8
March 8-14 Chapters 9-12
March 15-21 Chapters 13-16
March 22-28 Chapters 17-20
M29- April 4 Chapters 21-24
April 5-11 Chapters 25-28


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Construction Work on the Church Front is Underway!

As many of you have noticed, the front of the church is in the process of taking on a new look! Weathered, wind damaged aluminum siding is being replaced wit new vinyl siding and aluminum trim.

The Church Bell Tower is also on the upgrade agenda for refurbishing. The parsonage roof has already been repaired as well. The cost of these construction projects is being paid for by the Church’s (Home Owner’s) Insurance Policy coverage due to wind damage.

Work being done on church to replace wind damaged siding.
Picture of past congregation shared by Ruth Miller.