Bishop’s time with the Laity

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Our theme for Advent and for Christmas is “Christ Comes to a Messy World”

When Jesus came to the world, it was far from perfect, and Jesus was needed. Further, he was born not in a home, but a messy stable. We anticipate Christ coming to the world in this season of a pandemic, that has disrupted most everyone’s life.

November 29: We begin the season of Advent with one of the prophet’s vision for what God will do. Isaiah 40:1-11 is the scripture for the day. The worship will focus on Hope, as we begin this great season. A special offering for Student Day will be received. The candle of Hope will be lit.

Rev Brad encourages you to follow the worship:

1.       On Facebook or later on the Website if you are not attending the Sunday worship services.  There is a bulletin attached with information.

2.       Drive-in and park near the church. Turn your FM radio to 107.5

3.       In-person inside the church.  Please be aware of social distancing and follow the same rules as schools and restaurants.  Remember singing is a 12’ distance.

If you require more information, please contact Rev. Brad directly at  or by cell phone (315-525-6859).

Food Pantry: Mac-n-cheese  (or any item of your choice)

Shopping Cart: Anything (juice, canned meat except for tuna fish needed)

Monthly Mission:  Care Net


Tuesday:   Choir @ 7 pm

Looking Ahead:

Dec 7:  Ad-Council @ 6 pm

Dec 8:  Choir @ 7 pm

Happy Birthday!

5~ Virginia Davis

Anyone who would like their birthday or anniversary put in the bulletin, if it’s not already on the list, please make our a card and either put it in the offering plate or give it to Sherril Hickman.

If you need or are ready for an in-person visit from the pastor, please contact him either by phone or email (details above).

Copies of this months newsletter are on the back table in the Sanctuary.

Copies of the Bridge Newsletter from the Conference, The Advocate and One Hope for Asia newsletter are on the back table in the Sanctuary and by the table in the Chapel.

Don’t forget to save your Military manufactured coupons, up to two months expired .  You may send the coupons directly to:  Support Our Troops, Troopons, Box 70, Daytona Beach, FL 32115

Don’t forget to look at our Facebook page (West Barre UMC) and our webpage at   Check them out and see what we are doing.

West Barre UMC


Prayer Flags in front of West Barre UMC

Prayer Flags in front of West Barre UMC



Picture of past congregation shared by Ruth Miller.